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"Old school swing-based guitar player from Argentina"

Sebastian Murena is a self-taught Argentinian jazz guitar player who has settled strongly among most recognized musicians of the country. He acts in the most prestigious jazz clubs of Buenos Aires. His style covers swing, bebop and hardbop.

He performed at the International Jazz Festival  of Buenos Aires on two ocassions.

In 2017 and 2018 he toured Republica Dominicana where he took part at Santo Domingo International Jazz Festival. He taught masterclasses at UASD (Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo) and at Conservatorio Nacional for jazz students of all instruments, and joined the FEDUJAZZ team in Cabarete.

He leads Jazz Meeting, a succesful season of concerts performed in the City of Buenos Aires every Thursdays.

He takes part in Federico Alvarez & The Jazz Meeting Crew.

He also plays guitar on different big bands of swing music.

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